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General Resources

Community Resources

  • CodePen

    In browser code editor and coding community. Great for coding examples and inspiration.

  • Glitch

    Glitch is the friendly community where everyone can discover and create the best stuff on the web.

  • CodeNewbie

    The most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.

Coding Resources

Project Ideas / Suggestions

  • [All Levels] Pop Culture Trio

    Create three projects related to one of your favorite movies, tv shows, musicals, books or hobbies. Some suggestions for what you can create:

  • [All Levels] Website Case Study

    Try to recreate the homepage or an interesting page from one of your favorite websites without looking at the code. Can't think of a site? Check out One Page Love and Dribbble for inspiration. Or try to recreate this webpage.

  • [All Levels] Coding Challenges

    There are a ton of great coding and design challenges that will send you prompts to create something. Tip: It can be hard to think of a new project to create every day. Make your creations themed instead! Think of your favorite TV show and make each one relate to that. Or create your own imaginary company.

  • [All Levels] Contribute to EmojiScreen

    This project was created for people to have a fun and judgement free space to practice contributing on Github. EmojiScreen is a listing of TV shows, movies and musicals depicted with emojis. Add a show or movie or try to update styling or add HTML. If you need help getting started, make an Issue or comment in an exisiting Issue.

Cool Stuff / Inspiration

Washington DC Resources

About the Creator

This page includes a number of HTML/CSS tools, resources and project ideas that I recommend for beginners to review. Originally created for Washington, DC workshops as a resource.

Brittany Walker is a software engineer, instructor and musical theater fan. She is very involved in the DC tech community As a Front End Lead for Women Who Code DC and an Instructor for a free weekly coding workshop for Thinkful.

Brittany also is the co-founder of What the CSS?!, a fun course that teaches CSS via quirky challenges and regularly mentors for those learning how to code.