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i am not throwing away my shot all we see is sky for forever, we let the world pass by for forever stare down the odds and seize the day i miss the mountains what would i do if i had not met you? but most of all, i'm thankful for lovin' who i really am they say we are asleep until we fall in love, we are children of dust and ashes telephone wire, long black line


The World Wide Web

Musical Web Dev

  • ~ cd Sites
  • ~/Sites mkdir musicals
  • ~/Sites cd musicals
  • ~/Sites/musicals touch songs.js
  • ~/Sites/musicals

Log Projects

Theater Log

Theater Show Tracker

Theater Log is a personal musical and play tracker, documenting every show I have seen live since 2010.

  • Built with: Vue.js

Bookish Log

Reading Tracker

Bookish Log is a personal reading tracker, documenting every book I have read starting in 2021.

  • Built with: Vue.js

Musical Projects

Periodic Table of Musicals

periodic table

A table showing a list of popular Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.

  • Built with: Vue.js, Contentful

Musical Picks

Musical Recommendation Quiz

An illustrated quiz app that will recommend movie musicals based on your responses to questions about you.

  • Built with: JavaScript, jQuery, The Movie Database API

Mapping Musicals

Tony Winner Locations

An interactive map of musicals that won or were nominated for Best Musical at the Tony Awards.

  • Built with: JavaScript, MapBox

Hamilton Quiz


A quiz to test your Hamilton the Musical knowledge

  • Built with: JavaScript, SCSS

Bit Theater

Theater Review Website

BitTheater is your ultimate theater show resource. Track your shows, share reviews and collect badges.

  • Built with: JavaScript, SCSS, Node, MongoDB

Fun Projects

Millennials Slay

Industries millennials have 'killed'.

A directory of industries, traditions and products that millennials have supposedly killed over the years.

  • Built with: Vue.js.

CSS Images

Images Created With CSS

A colorful collection of various images and animations created using only CSS and HTML.

  • Built using HTML and CSS, sometimes Pug and SCSS

Teaching Projects


Open Source Project

EmojiScreen is a listing of movies, TV shows and musicals depicted through emojis.

  • Open source, Git/Github teaching tool.

Year in Music

Workshop Project

Learn Contentful building a music themed project.

  • Built with Contentful and Next.js.

What the CSS?!

Web Development Course

What the CSS?! is a 30 day course that teaches the fundamentals of CSS via daily challenges and quirky exercises.

  • Co-Founder & Web Developer

Teaching & Writing

Women Who Code DC

Front-End Lead

Work in a team of five to host and teach two front-end web development meetups per month in the DC area with a focus of supporting women and non-binary people in tech.

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  • 2020:Intro to Git & GitHub: Make Your First Pull Request

Thinkful Workshops

Past Lead DC Instructor

Taught free front-end web development workshops for 2+ years weekly on various topics including:

  • Intro to HTML/CSS
  • JS Fundamentals
  • Build a Game with JS
  • Git & Github
  • Build a Pet with JS
  • Intro to ES6

about me

Brittany Walker is a software engineer, instructor and musical theater fan.

She is very involved in the DC tech community As a Front End Lead for Women Who Code DC and was an Instructor for a free weekly coding workshop for Thinkful.